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Facebook’s been great at pumping out features its been incubating. But for the most part, services from Facebook M to its breaking news app haven’t been what users were asking for. The company decided only recently to pull its head from the ground and give people the “Dislike” button they have been asking for (prefaced with some imaging spin). The .gification of the internet likely reached its peak with Facebook now showing them off. Now, it’s taking cues from other social networks to redesign the mobile profile page.

The most visceral change comes in the form of not a profile picture, but a profile video loop. You can soon take a short video self-portrait of up to Vine-ish length and have it appear at the top of your profile page. We’re not exactly sure on how Facebook will handle other instances of profile icons through the app in the case of a video, but something will get sussed out.

You can still have a static picture there as well, but you’ll have an option to schedule changes to your profile picture for certain occasions — say, for a big game, your birthday or wedding, a sad ‘ol Monday or even one for every day of the week.

And if you’ve seen mobile profiles of Tumblr, you’ll see a similar thing going on with Facebook’s new coat of paint from top to bottom:

  • Profile picture stacked above your name, top and center.
  • A new, quick bio graf right below.
  • A list of select “About” items that you’ve decided to make public
  • A collage of five “Featured Photos”
  • “Friends,” “Photos,” and wall post pods follow after that.

The new profile interface is currently on a few iPhones in the UK and California, but Facebook assures the rest of us (no other platforms by name) will get the changes soon enough.

Source: Facebook
Via: The Verge

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