A recent report suggests that Facebook has stored over the years hundreds of millions of user passwords in plain text. These were reportedly accessible to anyone who had access to the files, claims the report, cited by The Verge. While passwords are usually encrypted, it appears that “a string of errors led certain Facebook-branded apps to leave passwords accessible to as many as 20,000 company employees“, The Verge reports.

Krebs On Security estimates that between 200 million and 600 million Facebook users were affected, with their passwords potentially being accessible by Facebook employees, and not only. The social media company acknowledged the flaw in a recent blog post, and said it discovered the issue back in January. Not only that, but it also managed to fix it, and will notify users of measures necessary, if any, to be taken to secure their accounts.

Facebook also mentioned that it has no reasons to believe that the passwords have ever left the company, or that they were abused within the company itself.

You can get more details on the matter by hitting up the source link below!

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