Facebook shopping feed, Notify “news” app, in testing

If it seems like we’ve been in a constant state of Facebook flux, well, we have. From downtime to updated profile pages, Facebook M to Paper and a whole bunch of other talk, the company means business in conducting business with advertisers and content providers (which have their own advertisers to worry about). Now, two feature charges that will serve both of Facebook’s clientele.


Charge number one is a dedicated Shopping feed, beside your News Feed, Groups, Pages, etc. that will be implemented. Facebook and its retail partners can then muscle in the platform’s ever-developing in-app shopping experience.


Charge number two is Notify, a new and separate application. We originally caught wind of this as a “mobile news application,” but it looks like content providers or “stations” can range from news outfits to music labels to deals sites. It looks like it will operate by not an in-app experience, but one that completely relies on notifications promoting media organizations’ content.

Facebook is in feedback volleys with its partners on push content and frequency. Word is, Notify comes out before the month goes out, so we’ll see if the tried-and-true push notification can be the basis of an information app for the social network.

Source: Facebook, TheAwl
Via: TechCrunch

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