Facebook is testing a virtual assistant of its own, codenamed “Moneypenny”

It seems the space race of tech giants has been to create a virtual assistant of their own. Apple started it off with Siri, Google followed up without much hesitation with Google Now, Microsoft then released Cortana… and now it seems like Facebook is about to get into the game (oh, and let’s not forget SoundHound’s Hound app – which we found to be pretty useful in our testing). According to a report out of The Information today, a virtual assistant codenamed Facebook Moneypenny right now could be making its way to the company’s hugely popular Messenger communication application.

A key differentiator with Moneypenny, claim The Information‘s sources, is that you’ll be able to query real people for help with things. The publication doesn’t elaborate much beyond this point, but it does say that this will include research and shopping. No availability details were included in the report.

This would align very well with Facebook’s recent push to make Messenger even more relevant; the app is one of the most popular in the world on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone at the moment, and the company is clearly investing loads of resources into improving it even more.

Source: The Information
Via: Engadget

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