A feature borne out of an executive controversy is finally moving out into the public.

Facebook Messenger users should see a new option in the coming days when choosing to delete their own messages in group and one-on-one threads. “Remove for Everyone” will be available for the 10 minutes after you have sent a message and will make it so that it will be invisible to other receipients in the chat.

For reference, Google’s Gmail offers a similar “unsend” option, but only for mere seconds after the email is sent.

The current delete option, to be retitled as “Remove for You,” will still be available for any message in any conversation. Other users will still be able to see the message unless they themselves have opted to remove it from their own records.

CNET reports that testing was done in Poland, Bolivia, Colombia and Lithuania among other markets. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was called out for using the tool well in advance of any sort of public release, removing messages in private threads with his own friends from many years ago.

The feature is rolling out for Android and iOS users from today.

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