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Facebook Messenger arrives on the iPad in its full glory

By Jaime Rivera July 3, 2014, 2:10 pm

It’s hard to understand why Facebook tends to ignore tablets in the way that it has, but it’s been the case ever since the launch of its original iPad app. In that same fashion, we’ve seen other Facebook services like Facebook Paper, which make total sense on a tablet, but which are still exclusive to the iPhone. The good thing is that even though slow, services eventually get launched, and such is the case of Facebook Messenger.

Facebook has just launched its stand-alone messaging app for the iPad, and the good thing is that all of its services made the final cut. Stickers may not be as popular to many of you, but the ability to call other people on Facebook is quite the thing in some countries, and it did arrive on the iPad as well. Video conversations are also included; though just remember that in Facebook, that’s more of a Vine video than a true video call.

You can download the app through our source link down bellow. Hopefully Facebook Paper reaches this same level of importance at some point as well.

Source: iTunes
Via: 9to5Mac


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