One billion people now use Facebook Messenger every month around the world

With Pokémon Go already considered the most popular mobile game in history, at least stateside, as well as bigger than both Tinder and Twitter in terms of daily users, and even topping Facebook as far as average time spent hunting goes, it feels fitting to remind the world of other things they can do on their phones.

For instance, “make plans, share dreams, send payments, tell jokes, play games, and let their loved ones know they’re thinking of them”, which are only a few of Facebook Messenger’s strengths, according to the social media giant’s latest press release.

This celebrates yet another great milestone achieved by the trendy IM service, three short months after touting 900 million monthly active users, and roughly half a year on the heels of the 800-mil announcement.

You guessed it, Facebook Messenger follows in the 2012 footsteps of its social networking parent and twin WhatsApp’s earlier 2016 crossing of a full billion devotees. Every month, there are also a cool billion messages sent between people and businesses through the soon-to-be-encrypted app, plus no less than 17 billion photos exchanged on Android, iOS and Windows devices. Take that, Pikachu!

Source: Facebook Newsroom
Via: VentureBeat

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