So far, Facebook’s given smartphone users two primary ways to access instant messages sent over its service: you could either receive and respond to messages from directly within the core Facebook app, or you could fire up Facebook Messenger for a pure messaging experience. Apparently that’s all about to change, however, and The Verge has just confirmed with Facebook that an effort is in the works to move all IM traffic over to Facebook Messenger.

You’ll still be able to see messages in the main Facebook app, but tapping on one of those messages to start interacting with it will instead force you over to Facebook Messenger.

The change will impact all iOS users, as well as the majority of Facebook fans on Android; the only exception there will be for phones with limited RAM, the owners of which will continue to be able to send messages through Facebook proper. The specific cutoff hasn’t been confirmed, but 512MB sounds like a sensible guess. Windows Phone users will not be affected, and can continue to choose for themselves how to access their messages. We also hear that Paper will continue to directly support Facebook messaging.

It’s not clear just when this change will take effect for everyone, but rest assured: it’s coming.

Source: The Verge

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