Facebook has today launched Shops, a marketplace that aims to bring small businesses online and help them sell products during these trying times when physical stores have been shut down. Facebook Shops are relatively easy to create, and sellers of all sizes and budgets can customize it using templates for fonts, adding a cover photo, and more.

Users can find Facebook Shops on a business’ Facebook Page, Instagram profile, stories, or ads. Aside from saving products and browsing through the entire catalog, users can also place the order in the app itself or the website if the seller has enabled checkout. Buyers can also contact the seller via WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram Direct for queries, support, and tracking deliveries.

Facebook says in the future, it will also allow users to buy a product right within an in-house chat app such as WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram Direct. Facebook Shops is now live and will be widely available in the months to come.

In addition to Facebook Shops, the company is also launching Instagram Shop in the summer season, letting users buy products from within Instagram Explore. A dedicated shop tab will also be added to the navigation bar later this year so that buyers can access Instagram Shop with a single click.

A new live shopping feature is also coming to Facebook and Instagram, making it possible for businesses to advertise and sell their products right from a livestream. Once a seller or creator tags a product from his shop before going live, they will be displayed at the bottom of the live video for buyers to check them out and buy.

Source: Facebook

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