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Facebook’s NPE experimental projects division released a new app called Hobbi back in February this year, aiming to take a stab at the domain of Pinterest. Well, the ‘hobby and project documenting’ app is going to have a rather short lifespan as the company is pulling the plugs on it next month.

As per a TechCrunch report, Hobbi users have been informed via an in-app notification that it will stop functioning on July 10. Facebook has not specified why Hobbi is going to the graveyard, but it appears that low user engagement might be at play here. Notably, the app never made it to the Android side of the smartphone ecosystem.

Sensor Tower estimates that Hobbi only clocked 7,000 downloads in the months since it debuted on the App Store, and Apptopia also pegs the download figures at less than 10,000, with almost negligible growth in May and June. It appears that Hobbi will go down as yet another attempt to emulate the key appeal of a successful app, Pinterest in this case.

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