Facebook launched its own TikTok rival called Lasso late in 2018 and heavily promoted it in the subsequent months, but it ultimately failed to catch on. As expected, the company has planned to sunset the Lasso app later this month, giving it the same treatment as the one doled out to its Pinterest-wannabe, Hobbi.

Lasso users have been alerted via an in-app notification that the Lasso app will be shut down on July 10, the same day on which the Hobbi app also goes to the failed app graveyard. Thankfully, Lasso users will be able to save their videos before the short video sharing platform goes dark.

Lasso was only available in a handful of markets and never managed to get the same level of popularity and viral fame as its target – TikTok. It appears that the company plans to focus on the Reels feature in Instagram, which is reportedly at the brink of a wider release and offers a similar premise that works well with creating Stories.

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