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Facebook has today extensively detailed its plans as to how it plans to exploit audio as the next avenue for growth. The social media behemoth has revealed that soon users will be able to play a podcast in the Facebook app itself. The company says that ‘within the next months’ users will be able to listen to podcasts while using the app, and even when it is in the background.

Moreover, Facebook’s algorithms will learn from your listening habits and will show you more content that might suit your taste. But that’s not all. Facebook also envisions this push into the realm of podcasts as a way for creators to engage with their audience on the same platform. “And podcast creators will be able to reach and connect with new listeners — all directly within the Facebook app,” the company.

Users will be able to listen to podcasts even when the Facebook app is running in background

Now, Facebook’s official announcement doesn’t go much into detail about whether these podcasts will be original or if they will be imported from another platform. And if they are going to be sourced from another platform, which one it is going to be? However, CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently revealed in a chat with tech journalist Casey Newton (via TechCrunch) that users will able to listen to podcasts hosted on Spotify in the Facebook app, thanks to deepening ties between the two companies.

facebook live audio
Facebook will let users share a portion of live audio chats as a podcast.

Facebook will reportedly add an in-line music player to its eponymous app that will allow users to listen to podcasts as well as songs from Spotify’s library. The feature is said to arrive in about a week’s time after having been tested in Thailand and Mexico among a handful of other non-US markets.

Facebook will let creators publish a portion of live audio chats as a podcast

But wait, there is more about Facebook’s newfound love for podcasts, as the company is also getting a bit original here. The company notes in its official blog post that it will allow creators to snip a portion of a live audio conversation – another feature coming to Facebook as well as Messenger soon – and publish it as a podcast.

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