It’s almost hard to believe how quickly Facebook Home – and the HTC First along with it – grabbed the spotlight before almost immediately fading away. Sure, it was risky project that didn’t quite deliver in the ways we were hoping, but it was still a big deal to see a company releasing software like this, and it got us wondering who else might cook up a Facebook Home of their own. Now that the dust has settled, it seems a lot less likely that anyone might be interested in following in Facebook’s footsteps. Some new survey data spells out just how little interest the smartphone-using public has in Facebook Home, and we also get an update from AT&T on sales of the Home-running HTC First.

Now, this survey doesn’t have the largest sample size in the world, so it may miss the mark on accuracy, but what it is able to reveal is pretty interesting. Out of the 1000 people in the US contacted, a little less than half – 45.5% – owned smartphones. Of that group – regardless of whether or not they were Android users or even had a Home-supported phone – only a mere 9% expressed even a general, hypothetical interest in Facebook Home.

The demographic breakdowns are a little surprising, showing more interest with Home among older users than those in their 20s. Women also seem to be more taken with Home than males are.

As for the First and AT&T, remember back in early May when AT&T knocked the phone’s price back to essentially free-on-contract? Now the carrier’s CEO is talking about how successful that adjustment was, remarking that the company “sold a bunch more when we lowered the price,” and suggesting that AT&T has effectively used up the bulk of its remaining inventory. There are clearly some handsets still around, as the model’s still listed for sale, but AT&T is likely scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point.

Source: BGR, CNET
Via: BGR

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