Chances are that by this time if you really wanted to get Facebook Home on your device, despite regional (US) and device limitations, you already did so, as we told you how to get it working on any device and in any region. The US exclusivity seems to have ended and you can tick off a limitation — while you’ll still have to rock a compatible device — and enjoy, or at least try, Facebook home the official way.

If you have an HTC One X, HTC One X+, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note II, or a Samsung Galaxy S4, go ahead and give it a try. According to AllThigsD, the app should already be available internationally as the social network giant is trying to get its app, and service, onto as many devices as possible.

Follow the link below and let us know if you’ve managed to grab it, where you live, and what you think (of course, in case you haven’t tried it already using the leaked APKs).

Note: We can confirm that it is available, the official way, here in Oradea, Romania.

Source: Google Play

Via: AllThingsD

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