Ready or not, Facebook adds five new reactions to Like button for all

Android, iOS and desktop users of the world’s most popular social network, gear up for more nuanced and possibly complicated Facebook interactions. That’s right, you’re no longer confined to the inherent restrictions of Like and Share buttons, and don’t necessarily need to resort to comments anymore if you have something else to say.

A different emotion to convey, for instance. Perhaps like doesn’t cut it, and there’s an irresistible cat pic you’ll smile all day about. Or maybe you want a stronger “reaction” to quickly reward your favorite comedian with after writing a killer new joke.

Often on FB, you’ll bump into the occasional post that lets you dumbfounded and in search for words, while others will make you cry or fume with fury. Well, this entire smorgasbord of feelings has a public equivalent you can choose by long-pressing the Like button or hovering over it, following many months of internal development and beta testing in Spain and Ireland.

Two Reactions didn’t ultimately make the cut, “yay” and “confused”, probably because they were too similar to “love” and “wow”. In addition to the latter pair, “haha”, “sad” and “angry” responses are rolled out to the masses, accompanied by their appropriate respective emoticons.

Both individual and business pages support the full range of new Facebook Reactions alongside things shared on personal profiles, of course, and underneath every post from now on, you’ll be able to see at a glance the grand total of reactions, not just likes. So, exactly how does all that make you feel?

Source: The Verge

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