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Facebook already in trouble with governments over WhatsApp data collection

By Samuel Martinez May 11, 2021, 4:11 pm

It seems that Facebook is starting to see the consequences of its actions. The company has been in the eye of the storm for quite a while now. It continues to believe that it is OK to track its users in order to target them with more effective ads. The problem is that Facebook has also been found guilty of giving this information to other companies, which translates into a violation of the user’s privacy. Now, in the latest chapter of this story, governments have directly ordered Mark Zuckerberg’s company to stop tracking its users.

Facebook used to be great. A fabulous space to check out your friends and family. A place to see the pictures and videos they shared, as well as an excellent tool to get in touch with people you hadn’t seen or heard from in years. Unfortunately, the evolution of the company has transformed it into cancer that takes amazing apps like Instagram and WhatsApp and messes them up. Not because they stop working, well, not all the time, but because they keep collecting their users’ data to help them make more money.


We recently saw how only 4% of users in the United States are don’t have a problem being tracked by apps. This directly shows that Facebook is wrong when it tries to gather user’s data to give them better content and ads. Companies like Apple are already starting to limit Facebook’s access to its user’s information, as it applies restrictions to keep its users safe, but they’re not the only ones taking action, as the company is now under a three-month emergency ban to keep German users safe.

The German government has already ordered Facebook to stop collecting WhatsApp user’s information, as its attempt to make its users agree to data collection under an updated privacy policy is not legal. This is not the first time it happens. As the head of the Hamburg privacy authority, Johannes Casper ordered the company to stop collecting data from WhatsApp in 2016 and delete all the information gathered.

Now the problem is that Facebook keeps on collecting data from all of its services, and it seems that it doesn’t have plans to stop anytime soon. Remember that Whatsapp users need to agree to the new privacy terms by May 15 if they want to keep on using the service. However, we have seen that many users have decided to migrate to signal in an effort to keep their information safe.

Source Engadget


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