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Face ID has become a new tool for law enforcement

By Samuel Martinez October 1, 2018, 12:42 pm
Face ID

We have to accept that Apple’s iPhones have some of the best security features in any smartphone nowadays. These would not allow easy access to their information without the user’s PIN or fingerprint. But now, Face ID has ‘improved’ biometric security, and it also comes to help law enforcement to gain access to a suspect’s phone data.

It seems that Face ID has been used for the first time to help with criminal investigations. The FBI used their search warrant as authorization to make a user unlock an iPhone X with Face ID. This person would’ve had his personal information safe if he had known how to make his iPhone ask for the password entry to re-enable Touch ID and Face ID. This is because law officers can make people unlock their devices through biometric security without breaking any laws, but they can’t make someone enter a PIN because this would go against the fifth amendment. Plus, if the password is in your head, there’s no way other people can have access to it.

There are some cases where law enforcement has used biometric identification from dead bodies to access their user’s data. Controversy will exist on whether this is right or wrong, but in the meantime, Face ID will be an ally in criminal investigations. Well, until someone changes the laws that allow it. By the way, make the power off screen by holding down the volume and side buttons or go into Emergency SOS mode to make the device ask for passcode entry and then re-enable biometric verification.


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