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Face ID flop: Chinese colleagues can both authenticate iPhone X

By Jules Wang December 15, 2017, 1:31 pm

Faces for TV? Not necessarily, just faces for Face ID on the iPhone X. We’ve encountered a few of these mismatched matches for the facial recognition system on this $1,000 iPhone and while nearly all of them have been between family members — “evil twins” they are not —  two unrelated employees for the Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation in China have come into the fray.

One Ms. Yan has now been refunded for two iPhone X units after she found that one of her colleagues was able to unlock her device with her own face consistently. She bought one initially, then returned it after encountering this problem only to get another one and face the same problem. Apple Store staff in Nanjing wrote off the first return as a fault specific to that unit. She got a refund. The South China Morning Post was unable to track if Yan got a third iPhone X.


Face ID utilizes the TrueDepth camera system that records a data set of depth points. It’s said to be coming through to new iPads and iPhones in 2018.

Perhaps it’ll be best to buy those Face ID masks that going popular these days. No, not that mask.


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