India is one of the three largest smartphone markets on the planet, next to the U.S. and China. It has a specificity though: it’s a market where mid-rangers thrive. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Samsung, the world’s no. 1 smartphone vendor, is announcing a mobile application processor, namely the Exynos 7904, especially for the Indian market.

According to the official press release, it should enable “high-end features in mid-range smartphones”. It is built using the 14nm process, and it’s an octa-core processor consisting of two Cortex-A73 cores running at 1.8GHz, and six Cortex-A53 cores at 1.6 GHz. It also “supports single-camera resolution of up to 32-megapixels (MP) and an advanced triple-camera setup for high-resolution imaging and a number of new features“.

It comes in pair with a Cat.12 3-carrier aggregation modem and it has recently entered mass production. Whether this will power any of the upcoming Galaxy M models, to be unveiled at the end of the month in India, or not, is yet to be seen. We know, thanks to chatter, that the Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20 will feature different SoCs, namely, the Exynos 7872 and 7885. Stay tuned for more!

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