It was back in early June when we first started talking about Samsung’s Exynos 5433, the latest upgrade to the company’s line of SoCs. Among the many devices those early 5433 rumors were tied to was the Galaxy Note 4, and sure enough, that’s the chip that powers the international version of Samsung’s new phablet. So far, all the various Exynos 5400-series chips have been Exynos 5 Octas of one kind or another – from the 5410 in the Note 4 to the 5430 in the Galaxy Alpha – but the 5433 is special: unlike those other models with 32-bit Cortex A15 and A7 cores, the 5433 moves up to 64-bit-capable A57 and A53 cores. Now Samsung’s finally acknowledging the 5433 for the generational leap it is, formally dubbing the chip its Exynos 7 Octa.

That’s right: we’ve moved right from Exynos 5 to Exynos 7, with nary a hint of Exynos 6 – a very “Microsoft move” in the context of recent events.

Considering just how long the Exynos 5 brand has been hanging around, though, that kind of leap might be justified – and Samsung certainly wants people thinking about its latest flagships as running some seriously next-gen silicon. And with the public glossing over core-count suffixes like Hexa and Octa (especially after hearing the latter used in Samsung chips for so long), a simple name-change like this is a clear way to signal a new breed of chip.

The details of the 5433 remain unchanged, but now this open the door for additional Exynos 7 components to follow it; how soon until we hear about the next?

Source: Samsung
Via: SamMobile

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