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After you’ve made your decision and have picked up your very own smartphone, phablet, or tablet, you’re going to want to pick up a couple accessories. First off you’ll want a case, next you’ll want some way to charge it while you’re on the go. Cases come in all shapes and sizes, but your recharging options usually require a power outlet of some sort, whether it’s in the wall or in your car. What if you could combine the two? That’s the idea behind HTC’s extended battery case, the HTC Power Flip Case for the HTC One max.

The complication with integrated batteries is that they’re not end-user serviceable. That’s “warranty-speak” for “you can’t replace the battery yourself”. There are several legitimate reasons for OEMs making this move, but it’s frustrating for power users. The solution? Charge while you’re at home. Charge while you’re at work. Charge while you’re in the car. Lastly, you can get an extended battery for those times that you’re away from a more traditional power source. Unfortunately, most of those are bulky, and they’re one more thing that you have to babysit to make sure they’re charged when you need them.

That’s where HTC did something quietly brilliant (to use its own slogan): HTC put a battery inside a case. The result is beautiful, functional, and brilliant! Take a look!

According to the specs, the HTC One max Power Flip case provides 1,200 mAh (minimum 1,150 mAh) of juice inside a slick-looking flip-cover case. It supplies the power from the battery in the part that protects the screen via a flexible ribbon cable to a spring-loaded connector that utilizes the POGO pins on the back side of the One max. Slick!

This solution adds no more bulk or weight than traditional case would, but adds that much needed power boost that many of us are after. What’s more, since it uses the POGO pins, you don’t have something extra to charge, the phablet takes care of that for you.

“Designed to protect, built to perform, and intended to make your friends jealous”, this case certainly fulfills on its promise. Now for the bad news. Unlike most cases which run anywhere from several dollars to US$30 or so, the HTC One max Power Flip Case is more than double that. Amazon lists the case at $65. However, when you factor in the cost of a case, plus the cost of an extended battery, the Power Flip Case is a bargain, and one that looks beautiful in the process.

Don’t miss our full review of the HTC One max, or my Review Rebuttal of the behemoth. Perhaps you’re like Michael Fisher and think it’s time to stop complaining about non-removable batteries. Or would you like more information about extended batteries? As you’d expect, Pocketnow has you covered!

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