Exclusive: Windows Mobile 6.5 vs. Windows Phone 7 (Video)

Many consider Windows Phone 7 to be the successor of Windows Mobile 6.5. While that may be true from a product cycle standpoint, the operating systems are totally different in every way (heck, you can’t sync Windows Phone 7 directly with Outlook!). In this video we show you just how different the platforms are, not only visually, but fundamentally.

In a lot of ways, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 are complete opposites (by design): Windows Mobile is extremely customizable, but sometimes unstable (requiring the user to soft reset a few too many times per week), while Windows Phone 7 is a “what you see is what you get” type product that has a very high level of stability and speed out of the box. Reading between the lines, we can see why Microsoft has chosen to make Windows Phone 7 less flexible. By doing so, they can directly control the customer experience and ensure that it’s great (following the iPhone model). In Windows Mobile, an OEM could change the browser, change the interface, use a different keyboard, or include not enough RAM if they wanted to save on costs. In Windows Phone 7, OEMs cannot change the interface (beyond adding their own live tiles), they can’t change the browser, there is only one keyboard choice, and the hardware specs must follow Microsoft’s requirements.

It’s hard to say which is better because the two operating systems are so vastly different. If you are a Windows Mobile tweaker thinking about going to Windows Phone 7, you may miss being able to hack any aspect of the operating system to make it do what you want (although it remains to be seen if Windows Phone 7 can be modified in these ways). But if you’re a person that just wants a good experience without having to download a custom interface or install a task manager for better memory management, Windows Phone 7 may be just the ticket. What do you think?

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