Exclusive: HTCSense.com Walkthrough (Video)

The HTCSense.com portal was announced along with the Desire HD and Desire Z in September. The portal was to act as a way to manage your HTC Android device from the web. Even though the Desire HD and Z aren’t yet available, we managed to get a look at the HTCSense.com website by running the Desire HD ROM on the HTC HD2. In this video, we provide a full tour of the portal.

The website is divided into five sections: Dashboard, Footprints, People, Messages, and HTC Hub. Dashboard lets you remotely wipe, lock and ring your phone, plus it lets you find your phone on a map, forward SMS, and forward calls. Footprints simply backs up your Footprints, which are photos that have associated coordinates and notes. Next, People is a simple contacts backup tool that offers two-way sync (though many people that already use Microsoft Exchange or Gmail will find this feature unnecessary). The Messages portion of HTCSense is by far the most interesting: it lets you manage SMS conversations from the web. You can even send and reply to SMS in real time, meaning you can send/receive SMS without touching your phone…neat! And finally, HTC Hub lets you remotely push themes, ringtones, skins, scenes, wallpaper, and more, right to your phone from the web. You can even “mark” applications so that you can remind yourself to download them later.

Overall HTC has done a fantastic job with this tool. They’ve solved a lot of problems common of people with a smartphone by giving users a way to remotely manage most aspects of their phone.

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