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Exciting News From Pocketnow!

By Anton D. Nagy February 11, 2013, 12:33 am

The mobile industry doesn't stop, not for one second, and neither are we! Pocketnow has been an ever-evolving, ever-growing website and we're happy we've came a long way since we first started in 2000! Because we continuously strive to give you the best coverage out there, let it be reviews, videos, editorials, news, features, or the podcast and our live show, we're happy to announce some exciting changes!

Unfortunately we can't tell you about all of our plans — that would ruin the surprise — but we're extremely thrilled to announce some exciting changes in the structure of our team, which are meant to make us faster, stronger, better, for you! Changes are in effect as of today, Monday, February 11, 2013, and we hope you'll be as excited about them as we are!


We've prepared a special video for you at the bottom of this post which you should watch after reading the information below!

Michael Fisher

Michael Fisher has been with Pocketnow for almost a year — February 27, 2012, to be specific — and has continuously increased his role within the site, bringing you top-notch editorials, videos, reviews and event coverage, as well as hosting the Pocketnow Weekly Podcast.

We're happy to announce that, starting today, Michael Fisher is assuming a product development role as our new Editorial Director! He will make sure that the product which we are delivering to you, our content, will be ever-improving; Michael will, among other things, put his creative side to work coming up with new show concepts and content presentation refinements.

The high-quality content he was already delivering doesn't go away! On the contrary, prepare to see even more of Michael's editorials, videos, reviews and event coverage (as he is currently preparing to cover MWC in Barcelona together with Anton D. Nagy, our Managing Editor).

Please join us in congratulating Michael for his new position!

Taylor Martin

Some of you might know Taylor Martin from a competing website; we're happy to announce that Taylor is joining our team as our new, full-time, Senior Editor.

He's going to do a lot of awesome videos, comparisons, reviews as well as prepare a cornucopia of outstanding editorials. He has a vast experience with all-things-mobile and we're extremely pleased to have him on board. For a special Q&A with Taylor make sure to check the video below!

Please join us in welcoming Taylor Martin as our new Senior Editor!

Adam Doud

Adam Doud is an excellent writer and we're excited to welcome him aboard as our new Contributing Editor.

Adam loves all-things-Windows, let it be Windows Phone, Windows 8, or Windows RT. He will be bringing you outstanding editorials about the Microsoft-platform, and not only, to please not just our Windows-centric audience, but all of our readers.

You might have seen his first piece on Pocketnow and we promise you there's a lot more to come! Adam will be adding more and more awesome content over time so please join us in welcoming him to our team!

Wait, that's not everything! We've got lots more in our goodie-bag, changes, improvements, exciting new features, and shows which you'll see in the near future. That should be enough of a teaser for the moment and we're sure our regular readers will immediately spot the changes.

Check the video below to see everything about all the cool stuff, and more!


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