Even as mobile phone cameras become better and better at naturally capturing scenes in all sorts of conditions, there’s always going to be some way to improve the experience — either making the output that much better or requiring less effort from the user to achieve that output.

Google, which has put one of the best hardware-software combos on its Pixel phones, has added another element to its cameras on both front and rear: Night Sight. So, what does Night Sight remedy?

Well, in dark conditions, phones will either shoot underexposed images or stretch the shutter speed to capture as much light as possible. In either case, any slight jitter from holding the phone can induce quite the blur.

Night Sight uses algorithms to not just focus on reducing noise and artifacts, but also to determine how long the shutter should be held. Software also is able to take multiple captures in a split-second and stitch together as blur-free of a picture as possible if certain subjects are moving at any point. Finally, artificial intelligence helps correct color when artificial lighting over-compensates.

The Google Camera app will be updated with Night Sight over the next few days and is intended to be exclusive to all six Pixel phones.

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