If you’ve been waiting this long for a crowd-designed Surface Pro competitor, you can probably wait a little bit more. The Eve V Windows convertible tablet is being held up a quality control issue with the display and, according to Eve co-founder Konstantinos Karatsevidis, the supplier’s holding up the process.

On Friday, Karatsevidis announced that a weeks-long discovery process and an ensuing dispute with the company’s display supplier has left Eve with poor yields of acceptable quality IGZO LCD displays. The parts distributor has not been willing to pass over quality control processes to Eve in order to expedite the process to get products to Indiegogo backers — the people who reserved units in multiple batches back in November and gave over $1.4 million to see this project through. Some confidentiality agreements are also in place where further details cannot be disclosed.

“We knew that screens are important for project timeline and we have paid for the screens all the way back in January,” Karatsevidis wrote.

Fortunately for Eve, with its prominent media coverage at Computex last month, some competing suppliers are offering their wares for replacement. Sharp and AUO have both been name-dropped as potentially better, if more expensive alternatives as the two have slightly higher resolution displays at the same size and each with lower power consumption figures. Panasonic, LG and Japan Display, Inc. are also potential alternatives.

Karatsevidis is now polling the community that has been along for the ride if the company should forge through with the current supplier and perhaps get products shipped by late this month or move to a competitor for shipments in August or September — with the dangling hope that a couple of other specs might change. Indiegogo backers won’t be asked to contribute more, but these changes will affect future pricing on the open market — if the device ever makes it in the first place.

Transparency, though, does give us the privilege of making better judgments about what is going on.

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