It would want your money, sooner or later, but until then, it wants you (yes, you) to choose what exactly goes into its latest project.

You might have heard of Jolla — struggling to survive as it is — and PuzzlePhone — which only got 46 percent of its Indiegogo funding goal. Those two startups represent a good snapshot of Finland’s tech scene right now: still ailing, but very much alive. If you play Clash of Clans, you have Finland’s Supercell to thank. Nokia’s also pushing patience with its comeback to the mobile hardware industry. And then there’s Microsoft, still cutting jobs out of the country.

So, riddle this: how will a new startup called Eve be able to successfully design, build and sell a Windows 2-in-1 tablet in a market flooded with 2016 trade show products and a slowly-converting consumer appetite for PCs in general?


Well, we’ll back up quickly to say that Eve didn’t just pop out of nowhere — its first project from last year is the T1, a Windows 8.1 tablet with 2GB of RAM, a decent display and aspects that just hit the right notes with reviewers.

Here’s the trick: Eve is now building a community and involving it in building its latest device, codenamed “Pyramid Flipper.” It’s supposed to be a lightweight Windows-based laptop/tablet hybrid with decent specs for general computing (not really for GPU-intensive things) with a great display, Windows Hello and two USB-C ports. But that’s where the executive decisions get transferred over to the people. The startup has been posting up polls for its users to consider whether this Pyramid Flipper would be more of a tablet than a laptop, whether it would have a kickstand and stylus, what kind of screen and processor to look for, how the design should contribute in all of this and so on and so forth.

So far, it looks like the project’s going up against the Microsoft Surface in some aspects: detachable peripherals, a stylus, a 3:2 screen with an Intel Core M processor and an optional LTE modification. All the details have yet to be voted on, but it looks to be that the update process, while a week behind schedule as of now, has been transparent and thorough as to inform users of what components costs and all the factors going for and against a certain type of component are.

The build process will continue on to determine what kind of ports will be included along with RAM and storage, keyboard and battery specs. After the voting dust settles, supposedly later this month, engineering begins. Eve will initiate an Indiegogo campaign in June to provide for the bulk of costs and plans on shipping devices late in the summer.

Eve is still inviting input through its forums which you can access below — and a fair warning: when we said “thorough,” we meant it. Be prepared for long posts and deep dives if you’re going to get in.

As no one crowdfunding campaign competes in a vacuum, we’re certainly interested in seeing how a made-to-order device shapes up from before the first pledge to after the first delivery — that is, if it gets the support it needs.

Source: Eve

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