Evan Blass posts thing we’re vaguely relating to the Surface Phone [UPDATE]

Mobile leaks teller Evan Blass has posted a thing. It may be a leak. It may be a concept phone. Maybe it’s both. We don’t know.

Whatever it is, it looks like a wafer-thin Windows 10 Mobile phone with minimal bezels and made of matte materials and, potentially, “Powered by a laptop-class Intel processor”.

“Would this have blown your mind?,” Blass asks.

No answers, just questions — especially as we have no idea who and how credible Blass’s source is: did this design circulate from and around Microsoft? Is this phone design currently in consideration by the team? Is this a fan-made render? Are we really just dealing with a USB-C port for I/O? How about the chip? Why Intel and not ARM, as Terry Myerson says is important to Microsoft for mobile? Celeron? Core i7? Skylake? Kaby Lake? Maybe it’s a Haswell? Any dates? Times?

What’s your favorite food, Evan?

Obviously, we’re covering this because of Blass’s track record for material leaks and because of the inferred subject matter — the Surface Phone — of what could be Microsoft’s next first-party smartphone.

UpdateApparently, it is not a concept. While we’re not clear on what company is behind these lifestyle pictures, Blass claims that we’re dealing with something closer to a real product… at least for now.

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