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European OnePlus 6T pricing, bumps of up to €40 expected

By Jules Wang October 24, 2018, 5:05 pm

T minus 5 days until the OnePlus 6T launches in New York and one Indian blogger claims that he’s got all the specs on this smartphone that the rest of us don’t.

Other than the major addition of the in-display fingerprint sensor, the notch and the loss of a headphone jack, the 6T will bring what OnePlus has continued to pump up for the past several years: slightly higher prices.

15-year-old Ishan Agarwal has made claims from what he says are reliable sources in the past, but this one he put out on Twitter for European pricing estimates seems particularly reasonable at the moment.

The first suggest is that the entry-level 6T will see a storage bump from 64GB to 128GB with 6GB of RAM at €559 — the base model OnePlus 6 cost €519. The mainline 8GB RAM/128GB storage version may come in both Mirror Black and Midnight Black finishes as well as a rumored (possible) purple color for €589 — up to €20 from last year. Finally, the 256GB version will jump €20 to €639.

All told, the argument from OnePlus’s side will likely be that its latest innovations will prove their value to customers — we’d like to see for ourselves.

Another claim he recently made is that while there should be a USB-C to headphone jack dongle for analog listeners, a spare dongle will only cost $8 in the United States or about half the price of a decent one right now.

Agarwal has also teased another OnePlus-related leak coming soon.

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