Motorola’s MWC event was today, following up yesterday’s whirlwind of new product announcements, and going in to it we expected it to be much more low-key. Almost as soon as the event itself was revealed, we heard that the company had confirmed that no big announcements were planned of any new hardware. While we figured that Motorola would use the time to talk about the whole Lenovo transition, we also held out hope that even in the absence of new phones, we might get some updates on existing models – and one in particular that we raised as a possibility was the idea of European Moto Maker support for custom Moto X designs. Well wouldn’t you know it, but Motorola has gone ahead and confirmed just that.

Remember when we saw that UK job listing for a Moto Maker program manager? That’s making a lot more sense now, with word that the EU Moto Maker will debut in the UK, as well as Germany. Those two will be followed by additional nations, with all this taking place sometime during Q2 2014.

Beyond that Moto Maker news, we also hear the slightest bit about a new Motorola smartwatch. Motorola was an early adopter of wearables but its Motoactv, and now the company is looking to release a more refined, modern smartwatch. A launch could be as soon as within the next few months.

Update: Well so much for “no new hardware announcements;” while a formal launch may still be months and months off, Motorola just confirmed a new Moto X set to arrive sometime in late summer – that would put it just about a year following the first-gen release.

Source: Motorola
Via: Engadget 1,2

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