European LG G5 gets official bootloader unlock support

While LG’s proprietary Android skin has never been the worst out there, actually bringing a number of nifty software add-ons to the table and keeping stock modifications to a relative minimum, we’re certain some OS purists would still love to be able to load up a 100 percent vanilla Marshmallow package on the G4 or G5.

Or maybe you’d just like to be free to customize the two phones’ UI at will. Well, that’s doable now without jumping through too many hoops, or downloading shady unlocking tools from obscure developer forums.

To be fair, an official bootloader unlock guide has been available for the LG G4 (model number H815) for close to a year, whereas the G5 joins the dev-friendly party today. Only certain LG G5 variants, that is, namely those sold in Europe under the H850 designation. Sorry, America, there’s still no custom ROM love for you. Not as far as the device manufacturer goes, with plenty of independent tinkerers likely cooking up unofficial solutions and workarounds.

Back to the old continent, and the H850 model, it’s wise to read through all the instructions at the source link below, as well as the disclaimers and important terms and conditions, before messing with the status quo. If you don’t understand something, it’s probably best to keep your bootloader locked.

LG isn’t HTC either, so if you care about your warranty, you’re also advised to leave everything untouched. That said, if you do decide to crack the G5’s bootloader, the experts say “the process is not extremely convoluted.”

Source: LG Developer
Via: XDA Developers

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