Europe sees Sony Xperia X pre-orders start

The transition from Z to X is complete as Sony’s new series of smartphones are heading to market in Europe today. Sony Mobile has opened pre-orders for the Xperia X, the lower-end Xperia XA and, in some markets, the top-tier Xperia X Performance. And it’s doing so with some hullabaloo.

For one, it’s offering its SmartBand 2 at half-off with a valid pre-order. In the UK, it’s a £50 discount while in most of Europe, it’ll be around €55.

Also, in France, the UK, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands, buyers of each product (where applicable) can have their pre-orders completely reimbursed. Yep, a free Xperia. One customer per product per week will be chosen up through the week of official release. If you pre-order multiple products, you have that many chances to win per week for however many weeks each product’s respective pre-order period lasts.

This leads to the launch dates: for the Xperia X, it will be on May 23; the Xperia XA will be on June 20; and the Xperia X Performance will be last to launch on July 3.

And now, we get to pricing and Xperia X Performance availability:

Country Xperia X Xperia XA Xperia X Performance
France €599 €299 €699
Germany €599 €299
Italy €629 €299 €729
Netherlands €599 €299 €699
Spain €629 €329 €729
Sweden 5790kr 2990kr 6490kr
UK £469 £239

Sony seekers in the states will have to do with wishful thinking in the meantime.

Source: Sony (FR, DE, IT, NL, SP, SE, UK)
Via: Xperia Blog

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