If you find yourself needing a little zen in your life, ASUS has always had it for you in its ZenFone series. They’ve always cut below the competition in pricing while having at least one ace card up their sleeve — the ZenFone 2, for example, pushed budget devices with 4GB of RAM back in 2015, while the ZenFone 3 had a bevy of variants featuring lasers and zoom lenses and whatnot.

It’s 2017 and that means we’re looking out for a ZenFone 4 (or six). And it turns out that we do know of exactly six (five-and-a-half?) models that we’re to look for, thanks to some industrious folk on ASUS’s own ZenTalk forums.


As for when to expect all of them to come to light, WinFuture‘s Roland Quandt has picked up on a poster for a September 21 event in Rome.

The Twitter post, since deleted, two facsimile phones are aligned in a “V” shape, which may mean that we’re talking about the ZenFone 4V — which may feature a Snapdragon 625 — for Europe. One tagline related to this device is “Take a walk on the wide side,” while the event gets a motto, “Frame the Date”.

If there’s one thing a smartphone company wants to tease above everything else, it’s their cameras, right? Well, at least we know — or think we know (Quandt could have a reason to delete the tweet, right?) — when that’ll clear up.

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