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Essential has concepts of a phone with its selfie camera under the display

By Jules Wang February 7, 2019, 11:30 pm

Essential might have had a few setbacks over the past year and change, but it’s recently picked up steam with an acquisition, a reboot of an email app and renewed hopes of a sequel to the PH-1.

But we didn’t see this intersection coming. SlashGear has seen internal art from the company that suggests a PH-2 would have a full-body display — either LCD or OLED, though diodes would be a better bet — with no notch, no holes, no nothing. The fingerprint sensor would be under the panel as is the trend du jour but the selfie camera and a light sensor would be, too.

We haven’t had any substantial talk about any company pulling the selfie camera under the display, so it’ll be big once we start seeing real patents floating around.

The art you see above is a from published Essential patent and is focused on the in-display fingerprint sensor.


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