Essential Phone likely headed to the UK as EE exclusive, mainland Europe and Japan could also get it soon

Technically founded almost two years ago, Andy Rubin’s Palo Alto-based Essential Products company has yet to sell and ship a single unit of its rookie smartphone effort to an end user. The Amazon Echo-rivaling Essential Home is probably even further from a US commercial rollout, but that’s not stopping a steady stream of promises.

Instead of finally getting down to business, Essential today merely gets our hopes up for a wider PH-1 launch. After North America, which should see the minimal-bezel handset out and about any day now, the ambitious intention is to expand the device to the UK, mainland Europe and Japan.

No words on when… exactly, but definitely this year. And at least on British shores, just like stateside and up north, a carrier exclusivity deal is in the works. Unlike Sprint, EE leads the local mobile operator market, and its prospective support and subsidies for the Essential Phone would be a major asset.

It’s unclear if the billion-dollar startup has its sight set on similar agreements with wireless service providers elsewhere, and official pricing outside of the US also remains a key question mark. Something tells us the $699 tag ($749 with a 360-degree camera accessory included) wouldn’t translate well on the old continent, but maybe the “edge-to-edge” screen, super-clean design, titanium body, ceramic back, dual rear camera and Snapdragon 835 SoC will prove irresistible for Android power users around the world.

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