The top has well and truly blown off Andy Rubin’s “30 days tops” promise for shipping the first batch of Essential Phones to consumers.

Back on May 31, the Android co-creator and founder of his new home tech ecosystem company — that’s how he would like to frame it, at least — made that pledge at the Recode Code Conference to the consumers that pre-ordered the $699 phone. While money hasn’t been drawn from bank accounts yet, it does leave uncertainty as to when it will. Also up in the air at this point are carriage claims from Sprint and Telus.

Business Insider has not gotten any returns from inquiries to Essential while CNBC’s Todd Haselton reports that the public relations chief left the company. For a $900 million company dealing in communicators, its communications seems to be in a fracas.

So, how far do the standards slide before the people start complaining? Loudly?

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