LG seems to have plenty on its back burners at the moment. One uncovered initial design for the V30 seems to have been very ideal, but would be prone to being overpromised and undercooked. The G6 gets Sidekicks to party with in Korea (and potentially the world) while the news isn’t so great at Samsung, we hear.

Most importantly, we’ve stopped Chris Davies from driving another review car for SlashGear just long enough for him to talk with us about why Andy Rubin made his Danger-ous decision to make another Android phone and call it… Essential. Trust us, it’s gonna be more than about just one phone.

It’s a podcast Playground this week, so make sure you’re charged and ready for the Pocketnow Weekly!

Watch the video recorded from 3:10pm Eastern on June 1st, or check out the high-quality audio version right here. You can shoot your listener emails to [email protected] for a shot at getting your question read aloud on the air the following week!

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June 1, 2017


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News Summary


The news delivered in just a few minutes and a lotta bit of discussion.

Essentially Yours


  • From Essential Products, the Essential PH-1 is a $699 modular device running Android…
  • But the Essential Home is said to take on any assistant you throw at it
  • Things start rolling out this month and will work on all major US networks
  • EXTRA: Will Spigen destroy Essential’s brand?

See you soon!

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