Early Essential Phone adopters should get their hands on the device ‘in a few weeks’

Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone, probably the most highly anticipated mobile device from a startup company since 2014’s OnePlus One, is.. still nowhere to be found. The reviews aren’t even in, and despite a bold promise made by Android Inc.’s co-founder and former CEO when the fresh, stylish, super-high-end 5.7-incher was announced, nobody received a single working unit “within a month” of said product introduction.

Needless to point out how silly we felt reporting on the Essential Phone’s “imminent” UK launch and possible expansion to mainland Europe and Japan down the line with US “reservations” still open instead of actual sales.

Sprint was previously confirmed as the handheld’s exclusive carrier stateside, followed by Telus up north, but both mobile operators also had to wait for deliveries of the unlocked variant to kick off first.

And now… we’re one step closer. Nope, shipping isn’t underway yet, though it should finally be “in a few weeks”, according to Andy Rubin himself. Folks that signed up for news and prospective early adoption are asked for patience once more in e-mails indirectly blaming “certification and testing with multiple US and international carriers” for unforeseen delays.

The “team” is said to be working “long hours to get this device shipped” as soon as next month, which may not be exactly what you wanted to hear. Let’s just hope the prolonged waiting will pay off, with the Essential Phone ultimately looking as good out in the real world as it does on paper.

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