Essential Phone starts shipping within the month, brand-new ‘proactive’ assistant in tow

If you were among the first to “reserve” Andy Rubin’s splashy new Essential Phone right on the heels of its announcement yesterday, or are thinking of committing to the Android co-founder’s latest market-revolutionizing vision as soon as possible, you should be happy to hear you won’t be waiting long for US delivery.

30 days tops, or at least that’s what Rubin’s startup company is aiming for and promising at the moment, according to its head honcho himself. Of course, shipping times could rapidly begin to slip as demand matches or exceeds initial inventory, so it’s probably a good idea to book a white or black unit now if you want to receive it by the end of June.

No words on exactly when will “Stellar Grey” and “Ocean Depths” flavors become available, but in a surprisingly low-key reveal at the 2017 Code Conference, we just found out the same mystery “proactive” assistant running the show on the Amazon Echo-challenging Essential Home shall also enhance the Essential PH-1 Phone’s user interaction.

The fact we still know so few specifics about this new Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana and Alexa contender suggests it’s very much a work in progress. If we were to take a wild guess therefore, either the AI won’t be ready for primetime in the next month to feature on the Essential Phone at launch or you’ll get Bixby-like partial functionality to start with.

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