Divisive Essential Phone goes $200 off list to $499 unlocked bargain price

If you feared the much-hyped but oft-delayed Essential Phone would become super-hard to come by again after the first substantial discount available exclusively at Best Buy just a few days ago, Andy Rubin’s controversial startup company wants to assuage all your concerns today.

No reason to fret about a swift potential return to the “borderless” Android handset’s list price either, as Essential further lowered the official retail cost to a nice and palatable $499.

The total $200 markdown is valid both on the manufacturer’s website and over at Best Buy, for both “Black Moon” and “Pure White” unlocked variants. For some reason, Amazon is still charging $599, so at least at the moment, bargain hunters are better served elsewhere.

Despite a number of predictable shortcomings for a high-end mobile device from an inexperienced OEM, and rapidly declining appeal due to unfulfilled promises and heated competition, the Essential Phone definitely feels like a bargain at five Benjamins instead of six or seven.

Even if you don’t dig that screen cutout at the top, if you hold this bad boy in your hand, you’ll surely appreciate its compact form factor… for a technically extra-large 5.7-incher. The display resolution, processing power and RAM count are in line with today’s flagship standards, Android 8.0 Oreo is coming soon, and the dual rear cameras are constantly getting better with software updates.

Oh, and those who bought the Essential PH-1 before October 22, directly from the manufacturer, as well as Sprint, Best Buy or Amazon, can score a $200 “Friends & Family” discount on a future Essential.com purchase. That includes the Essential 360 Camera or an additional PH-1.

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