Essential Phone now listed as ‘coming soon’ to Best Buy in unlocked and Sprint-specific versions

It’s been another couple of weeks now since Essential Products CEO and founder Andy Rubin personally promised the PH-1 would arrive in the hands of early adopters within “a few weeks.”

There’s still no movement to report on the shipping front, and no new status update from the Palo-Alto based company established less than two years ago, but for what it’s worth, Best Buy wants you to “meet the Essential Phone.”

This could mean nothing at all… or everything, as the big-box American retailer also lets you register for availability news on its official website. Both free of carrier restrictions and in a Sprint-locked configuration, the Essential PH-1 is listed as “coming soon”, and alas, there’s no way to make sure you’ll be among the first to receive the “edge-to-edge” 5.7-incher.

No pre-orders yet, but at least we know Best Buy plans to sell the unlocked model for $699.99, just like Essential on its own website, with Sprint subscribers for some reason set to be charged $50 more.

It seems as though you’ll be able to purchase both “Black Moon” and “Pure White” flavors from BB, with the $50 Essential 360 Camera add-on apparently exclusive to the manufacturer’s e-store.

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