The music industry has had mixed opinions about streaming services. Where there’s blame to be laid for poor artist returns, it’s often been the label that came out looking worse off. And yet, the likes of Spotify continue to proliferate to the point where reactionary services like TIDAL and Apple Music are scrambling to get their footing on the field.

But while the focus has been on money for the songwriters, producers and all the great people who bring harmonious sound together, there’s also music involved here. After all, good contract or bad, you gotta put the product out there to cash in. Play to win.

Modern R&B goddess Erykah Badu is definitely a player and an adept one, too. First off, Badu’s putting out a mixtape called But U Caint Use My Phone. Second, the song she debuted today is called “Phone Down.”

That’s two points for us at a site talking mostly about phones, here.

But then, she decides to premiere the song by driving around Las Vegas (well, someone else is driving, she’s on the passenger side), blaring out “Phone Down” while singing along, talking with some of her music video extras and casually doing stop-and-greets with passers-by. And she put all of this action on Twitter’s live video-streaming service, Periscope.

Just prior to the two consecutive (though frozen) streams she broadcast, she tweeted that her iPhone was at six percent battery. And in spite of telling all of us to put the “Phone Down,” she was definitely keeping hers on for us.

Source: ErykahBadoula (Periscope | 1, 2) (Twitter) [Explicit] Via: The Verge

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