Entry-level iMessage on Android now available with weMessage

Developers have attempted to milk a way to get Android devices to communicate through Apple’s proprietary iMessage medium. Mac-based relays. Whole-device hacks. Nothing seemed practical. And it doesn’t look like there’s going to be an official path to that coming, ever.

Well, weMessage has debuted on the Google Play Store in the hopes of hoisting a rudimentary bridge between Android and iMessage. While it still requires a Mac machine to act as a server between Apple’s servers and the user’s device, it’s still manageable as the company has instructions on how to port forward so that the Android device doesn’t need to be within Wi-Fi range of the Mac device — perhaps a throwaway Mac mini might work if you’re that obsessed with iMessage.

Once all the setup is done, you get all the basic features of iMessage: group chats, read receipts, attachments and AES cryptography. The app also takes advantage of Android APIs to play videos and browse links within the app. Big splashes and stuff like Apple Pay Cash aren’t here, though.

You can learn more and get a link to download the proper resources at the source link below.

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