Nothing is as motivating as hearing your favorite playlist when you’re finishing your last rep or closing your last mile. Now if only your earphones would stay in while you’re working out. Most wireless earphones are made for casual listening and aren’t suited for intense workouts. Your average pair also isn’t water-resistant, so they might get damaged from excessive moisture.

If you need your music to keep you company during your workouts, you should invest in a quality pair of earphones that are secure, durable, and waterproof. The Apple Powerbeats3 offer just that thanks to their unique ear hooks and exceptional build quality. What’s more, you can get the Powerbeats3 on sale for $77.99, or 39% off.

The Apple Powerbeats3 is an ergonomic pair of wireless earbuds designed for an active lifestyle. Its secure-fit ear hooks bend over your ear to prevent them from falling out, even during intense physical activity. You’ll also receive multiple ear tips to choose from for a personalized, comfortable fit. 

It delivers up to 12 hours of battery life off a single charge, and its Fast Fuel feature allows you to get 1 hour of charge within 5 minutes; that’s just enough juice to get you through a quick workout. Finally, the Apple Powerbeats3 offers excellent durability and water resistance so that you can break a heavy sweat or get caught in the rain without fear.

Physical activity requires a rugged set of earphones, and the Apple Powerbeats3 delivers with excellent sound, comfort, and build quality. Grab a set for $77.99 in whiteviolet, or indigo.

Prices subject to change. 

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