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If you feel that wireless charging has seeped into the background for a bit, you may have to readjust your expectations and wait a little bit longer.

Energous, the company backed by mobile phone pioneer and virtuist Dr. Marty Cooper, has just gotten FCC approval of a miniature transmitter. That transmitter is part of the company’s over-the-air wireless charging system that should be able to deliver power to devices at ranges beyond existing standards like Qi and Powermat.

The Miniature WattUp transmitter “can be as small as a USB thumb drive” and can juice low power consumption device, say, a smartwatch or a Bluetooth headset. Power would be delivered through radio waves at a frequency of 5.8GHz.

Energous is competing with at least two other companies, Ossia and Wi-Charge, to begin the next stage in wireless charging. The company hopes to have its standard integrated into products and have more transmitters approved through the next couple of years.

Source: FCC, Energous
Via: PCWorld

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