Hands on with the Energizer Wireless Charging Mat and the Nexus 4

We’ve talked about wireless charging in the past and have wondered why it’s not more popular. One of the reasons could be the relative scarcity of inductive chargers, another reason is the confusing variety of wireless chargers and varying standards on the market today.

We’ve been hearing about inductive charging for our phones a few years ago, and even saw the charger that we’ll go hands-on with today back in September 2010! Now it’s time to put the talk behind us and go hands-on with the Energizer Single Inductive Charger.

Energizer makes a pair of Qi (pronounced “chee”) compatible chargers called the “Energizer Single Inductive Charger” and “Energizer Dual Inductive Charger”. Both feature a large Qi logo (or two) on their face. Both work with Qi-compatible phones or phones like the Nexus 4 with Qi-compatible accessories. Energizer also makes an inductive charger called Powermat which does not work with Qi-compatible devices.

Energizer Dual Inductive Charger

For only $15 more, you can charge two devices at once!

In our tests the Nexus 4 was able to get a quick 10-15% charge in around 20 minutes, then charged to full capacity a little slower than charging via the USB charger that was included with the phone.

Wireless charging, however, isn’t about speed, it’s about convenience. Simply placing our Nexus 4 on the charger was very quick and easy. Unfortunately, the design of the Energizer charger is somewhat wedge-shaped and the surface is fairly slick. This, combined with the Nexus 4’s slippery back, resulted in the phone easily slipping out of position. Using the Nexus 4 Bumper all but eliminated the problem, but it’s not an ideal solution. Others have resorted to propping up the bottom of the charger so it’s more level.

Overall, US$50 is a lot to spend on a charger that isn’t perfect, but until (if?) the official Nexus 4 wireless charging dock is available, the Energizer solution is a reasonable substitute.

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