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Stylish, hybrid Emporio Armani Connected smartwatch starts at $245

By Jules Wang October 26, 2016, 2:33 pm

Smartwatches have taken a beating in sales this past year after the initial Apple Watch hype train chugged beyond the hills. But fancy brands are still looking for a way in to this market and it’s nice to breathe a little air into some small, non-tech players.

Take Emporio Armani and its new Connected hybrid smartwatch. It has a main analog face with an inset face that can track a second timezone. It can also track how much progress you’ve made on your step count goal with a press of the top side button. The 3 o’clock button controls the timezone difference while the bottom one controls media playback.


Emporio Armani claims that the watch can track your sleep, ring your phone and run on a button cell battery for a good long time. It also buzzes for notifications, though with no display on the watchface, you’ll have to be a judge on how useful the haptic motor would be there.

The Emporio Armani Connected watch can connect to your iOS or Android device and comes in five styles with different case finishes and bands in leather or stainless steel. Prices range between $245 for the blue leather version and $395 for the black stainless steel.

Source: Emporio Armani

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