Stephen Elop Optimistic, Q4 2012 and 2013 Are The Opportunity

Nokia’s quarterly numbers indicate that the Finnish phone-maker sold less Windows Phone-based Lumia devices than in the previous quarter. We tried to defend and explain that the 27.5% decrease is mainly due to the end of a product cycle to which we should also add the fact that users are refraining from purchasing old-gen Lumia devices because of no Windows Phone 8 update in sight.

Stephen Elop, the CEO of Nokia, remains optimistic as always. He strongly believes that Windows Phone 8 will take off as soon as carriers realize the need for a strong third ecosystem to challenge the strong offerings (Android and iOS). “There’s a dynamic that we’re seeing and hearing about … and that is increasing concern amongst operators about the concentration of power that is landing with two particular ecosystems that are obviously quite strong out there today,” he said on the Thursday earnings call. “I think you’re going to see a trend where operators, starting in the West, begin to say, ‘We need a third ecosystem to really begin to happen. We really need to double down on it. We need to cause it to happen.’”

According to Elop, this opportunity is starting now, in Q4 2012, and will be valid throughout 2013.

We admire Elop’s optimism but we think carriers will only turn to Windows Phone 8 once customers start demanding the product on the market. For that, Microsoft has to push its marketing team, together with the OEMs, in order to generate that buzz and awareness. Android and iOS are very strong platforms and their users are pretty much tied in with the ecosystems (regardless if we talk apps or other offerings like Mail, Calendar, Docs, Maps, etc.).

Source: AllThingsD

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