Elephone, a little known Chinese device manufacturer with a knack for teasing decidedly fetching high-end smartphones, is at it again, this time trying to build hype around its rookie wearable effort. Another potentially compelling low-cost proposition, the ELE Watch looks surprisingly premium, with design cues borrowed from both Motorola’s second-gen Moto 360, and the Huawei Watch.

Circular, slim-bezeled, yet free of “flat tires”, the Elephone timepiece is almost too handsome to be true, and alas, we don’t know when or if it’s supposed to ever hit Western markets. The racy renders may well never materialize into a commercial product, or the end result of the small company’s architectural work might look very different from what we’re being shown right now.

Reportedly, Elephone plans to load the ELE with Android Wear software, which makes it even harder to believe the wrist-worn contraption will actually go on sale in the near future. Of course, Google recently lifted its UI modification restrictions, allowing Motorola access to China after replacement of many stock apps and services with local equivalents.

Before long, the Huawei Watch should debut in the world’s biggest smartphone market too, so why not the Elephone ELE Watch, say, early next year? With a 1.5-inch display, apparently, metallic body, heart rate monitor, crown button positioned at 2 o’clock, and silver, black, and gold color options.

Sources: XDA Developers, Android Headlines

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