ETNews reports that users will be getting either wireless charging or Magnetic Secure Transmission technology with the LG G6, depending on their location. But no matter where they happen to be, customers are now expected to pay more for it than they would’ve for the G5.

Industry insiders say that LG made the executive decision to equip international units with charging coils while putting MST coils into units destined for Korea. No unit will receive both technologies, even though it is possible to incorporate both as has been done with major Samsung Galaxy phones as of late.

Why the “one or the other” strategy? It isn’t clear if design clearances wouldn’t have allowed both technologies to exist on the device at once or if including both coils would be cost prohibitive, but what’s been rumored is that the company believes that Koreans will be more likely to use mobile payments than to wirelessly charge while other users will be likely to favor the inverse.

We speculate that this reasoning could relate to LG Pay — the chaebol’s long-delayed and constantly developing mobile payments system — potentially being available only in Korea for a time after its imminent launch. Besides that, most other payment systems rely only on NFC for tap-and-go purchases anyways, so it should be enough for most a G6 to feature only Android Pay, as LG Pay is said to be reliant on the inclusion of MST.

Whatever the case, if you like what you’re hearing and seeing about the G6 right now and want to cast your reservation in, be prepared to pony up more than you may have had to before. The LG G6 is rumored to start at around ₩880,000 or $777 — that’s approximately ₩44,000 or $45 more than what the G5 sold for last April 1.

LG decided to sell its V20 at a higher price than it did with its V10, touting an improved build and a free pair of expensive Bang & Olufsen earbuds. The G6 is supposedly adding ingress protection and a taller screen among other improvements in upping the ante from the G5. From its launch, pricing for the older phone averaged at $650 with US carriers.

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